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LED Crystal Lamp

LED Crystal Lamp

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Introducing the LED Crystal Lamp Touch Remote Design. Our lamp is designed with a sense of elegance and flair, while also creating a beautiful atmosphere. With 3/16 colors available, we have you covered with warm light, warm white light, white light, yellow light, blue light and red light to choose from. You can even adjust the brightness of your lamp for an ideal lighting effect! Each lamp emits a special 3D technology that projects fascinating diamond-like shadows across the room for an alluring look. USB switch or touch remote design-operated options are also available for added convenience. For those looking for a romantic look or dazzling decoration for their space, our dynamic and sophisticated lamp is sure to do the trick!




Size: 7.5 x 15.5cm
Voltage: Less than or equal to 36V
Power: 1.5 W

Packing List:
3 Color:1*Table Lamp 1*usb Cable (Without Remote Control
16Colors:1*Table Lamp 1*usb Cable 1*Remote Control

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